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HER07 Alien Autopsy - Destination Paranoid

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Alien Autopsy - Destination Paranoid Alien Autopsy - Destination Paranoid

Released May 2010

Easily the most troublesome record that Half Eaten have ever been involved with.

Destination Paranoid was originally supposed to released by Biodro Records and fronted by Tymon Tymański.

To cut a long story short, this didn't happen and Half Eaten stepped in to release it.

The cd version comes with 2 bonus tracks and HER08 too.


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Track listing

1. Call Centre

2. One Eyed Drink

3. Sinner

4. Rotherham

5. Destination Paranoid

6. Close To The Wire

7. No Siesta

8. Harbour

9. Change My Ways

10. Confusion

11. Rat

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